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Резюме Тамара Змиевская

Специальность (должность): Senior React.js Engineer for Healthcare Practice
Тип работы, график: постоянная, полный день
Текст  резюме: The client brings together technical specialists and professionals of the healthcare industry who work together on innovation in the field of clinical research. In particular, they create applications that enable searching for people who were diagnosed with certain illnesses and who are willing to take part in testing of new drugs, procedures etc.
The back-end and front-end specialists of DataArt will modernize the client’s internal system. They will work on creating and implementing landing pages (React.js) and API (Rails 5) for working with the tools of logistic research and data management (scheduling visits to patients, reporting on them, managing profiles and uploading files).
The created API must be integrated with the services that allow working with electronic signatures and setting up SMS notifications and email newsletters.

Requirements - Mandatory
3+ years of front-end development experience.
Solid knowledge of React.js and related technologies.
Experience building front-end parts of applications for Rails 5 API.

Requirements - Additional
Experience working with React Native.
Experience performing functions of a DevOps engineer.
Experience working with Webpack.

DataArt Offers:

Competitive salary.
Project bonuses.
Foreign business trips.
Paid overtime, vacation and sick leaves.
Voluntary medical insurance.
Corporate doctor services.
Foreign Language learning.
Internal Training Program.
Corporate events and meetings.
No dress-code.
Chill-out zone.
Gym access.
Office in a comfortable business-center.
Fruit breakfasts and dinners.
Unlimited tea and coffee.
О себе: Образование: высшее. Опыт работы: 3 года.
Имя: Тамара Змиевская
Регион: Харьков
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Дата публикации: 24 октября 2016 г. 10:31
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Код резюме: 112084
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